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College of Veterinary Medicine

Emergency Contacts

Fire/Ambulance/Police 911
KSU Police 785-532-6412
Manhattan Fire 785-537-0054
Riley County Police 785-537-2112

Department of Environmental Health & Safety


Emergency Notification List for the College of Veterinary Medicine Buildings:

Coles Hall

Primary Contact (Departmental/Research Infrastructure):

Hans Coetzee, Department Head, Anatomy & Physiology
Office: 785-532-4513
Cell: 785-231-7688
Email: jcoetzee@vet.k-state.edu

Primary Contact (Animal Facilities):

Denver Marlow, CMG Director/Attending Veterinarian
Office: 785-532-5648
Cell: 785-477-8014 785-477-6890
Home: 785-477-0046
Email: dmarlow@ksu.edu

Hans Coetzee will notify:

  1. Derek Mosier, Department Head, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
  2. Bonnie Rush, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)
  3. Facilities Personnel as needed

Denver Marlow will notify:

  1. Facilities Personnel as needed

Trotter Hall

Primary Contact (College/Teaching Infrastructure)

Peggy Schmidt, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Office: 785-532-4011
W/Cell: 785-473-6056
P/Cell: 951-285-6926
Email: peggyschmidt@vet.k-state.edu

Peggy Schmidt will notify:

  1. Bonnie Rush, Dean, CVM
  2. Vacant, Executive Associate Dean, CVM
  3. Gayle Willard, Director, Veterinary Medical Library, CVM (esp. for evening & weekends)
  4. Facilities Personnel as needed

Mosier Hall

Primary Contact (Veterinary Health Center):

Hospital Administrator, Veterinary Health Center
Christine Duvendack
Office: 785-532-5708
Cell: 785-313-4020
Email: duvendackc@vet.k-state.edu

Primary Contact (Animal Facilities):

Denver Marlow, CMG Director/Attending Veterinarian
Office: 785-532-5648
Cell: 785-477-8014 or 785-477-6890
Home: 785-477-0046
Email: dmarlow@ksu.edu

Christine Duvendack will notify:

  1. Dean, College Veterinary Medicine, Bonnie Rush
  2. Interim Hospital Director, Veterinary Health Center, Elizabeth Davis
  3. Department Head, Clinical Sciences, Beth Davis
  4. Executive Associate Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Vacant
  5. Department Head, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, Derek Mosier
  6. Director, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Jamie Henningson
  7. Director, Necropsy & Receiving, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Kelli Almes
  8. Facilities, Personnel as needed
  9. Radiation Safety, Personnel as needed
  10. Department Head, Anatomy & Physiology, Hans Coetzee

Denver Marlow will notify:

  1. Facilities Personnel as needed

Emergency Contact Information:

CVM Administrators

Dean, College of Veterinary MedicineBonnie Rush
            Office: (785) 532-4892
            Cell:     (785) 410-4922
            Home:  (785) 468-3685
            Email: brush@vet.k-state.edu

Assistant to the Dean, Staci Murray
            Office: (785) 532-4892
            Cell:     (785) 564-1780
            Email: smurray@vet.k-state.edu 

Executive Associate Dean, College of Veterinary MedicineVacant

Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Veterinary Medicine, Peggy Schmidt
            Office: (785) 532-4011
            W/Cell: (785) 473-6056
            P/Cell:  (951) 285-6926
            Email:  peggyschmidt@vet.k-state.edu 

Associate Dean for Research,College of Veterinary Medicine, Frank Blecha
            Office: (785) 532-4537
            Cell:     (785) 410-4645
            Home:  (785) 537-1941
            Email:  blecha@vet.k-state.edu 

Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance, College of Veterinary Medicine, Priscilla Roddy
            Office: (785) 532-4008
            Cell:     (620) 767-2825
            Email:  roddy@vet.k-state.edu 

Department Head, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, Derek Mosier
            Office: (785) 532-4410
            Cell:     (785) 564-2319
            Home:  (785) 539-2524
            Email:  dmosier@vet.k-state.edu 

Department Head, Clinical Sciences, Beth Davis
            Office: (785) 532-4890
            Cell:     (785) 410-6385
            Home:  (785) 776-5427
            Email:  edavis@vet.k-state.edu 

Department Head, Anatomy & Physiology, Hans Coetzee
            Office: (785) 532-4513
            Cell:     (515) 231-7688
            Email:  jcoetzee@vet.k-state.edu 

Interim Director, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Jamie Henningson
            Office: (785) 532-4454
            Cell:     (785) 307-1990
            Email:  heningsn@k-state.edu 

Interim Hospital Director, Veterinary Health CenterElizabeth Davis
            Office: (785) 532-4188
            Email:  egdavis@k-state.edu

Hospital Administrator, Veterinary Health Center, Christine Duvendack
            Office: (785) 532-5708
            Cell:     (785) 313-4020
            Email:  duvendackc@vet.k-state.edu 

Director, Necropsy & Receiving, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Kelli Almes
            Office: (785) 532-3995
            Cell:     (785) 341-2443
            Email:  kalmes@vet.k-state.edu 

Director, Veterinary Medical Library, Gayle Willard
            Office: (785) 532-6006
            Cell:     (785) 410-2484
            Home:  (785) 494-2383
            Email:  gwillard@vet.k-state.edu 

Director, Veterinary Medical Counseling Services, Mac Hafen
            Office: (785) 532-4448
            Cell:     (785) 410-4709
            Email:  mhafen@vet.k-state.edu 

CVM SecurityKenneth Doer, Director
            9A Trotter Hall
            Office: (785-532-7652)
            Email: security@vet.k-state.edu

For help with emergency situations regarding students, please call:
Office of Student Life at 785-532-6432 – (24 hr. service)

Vice President For Research/ Comparative Medicine Group (VPR/CMG)

Denver Marlow, CMG Director/Attending Veterinarian, Facilities Manager (Coles & Mosier Animal Facilities)
Office: 785-532-5648
Cell: 785-477-8014 
Email: dmarlow@ksu.edu

Sally Olson, CMG Asst. Director/Clinical Veterinarian
Office: 785-532-4496
Cell: 785-410-7513 
Email: solson@vet.k-state.edu

Scott Ruthstrom, Facility Manager (Large Animal Research Center), Comparative Medicine Group (CMG)
Office: 785-532-7403
Cell: 785-565-1423
Email: sruthstr@vet.k-state.edu

CVM Facilities and Campus Services

In case of fire, power outage or natural disaster, contact Campus Police, Fire Department, Director of Facilities for the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the primary contact for the Emergency Notification List for each building.




Campus Police

Call for assistance when can’t reach CVM facilities personnel


Allan Leikam

Director, CVM Facilities

Office: 785-532-6840
Home: 785-320-2012
Cell: 785-565-1764

Lynn Schwandt

Physical Plant Supervisor


Gary Morgan

Card Access/Fire Alarm

Home: 785-776-3675
Cell: 785-313-3378

Scott West



Bill Hynek

Plumbing & Steam issues


Allen Wege

Interior Doors & Hardware


Tanner Johnson

Heating & Cooling


Joe Brockish

General Repair


Gypsy Snyder

Custodial (night crew)

Home: 485-320-3509
Cell: 785-313-4527

I don't know who to call?

Allan Leikam


CVM IT Services and Infrastructure

Type of Emergency



Canvas Emergencies

Gina Scott


Vetstar Emergencies

Pharmacy printer

Record Locks

Discharge Issues

 Nancy Hawkins 785-313-0839

VetView Emergencies

Rob McGaughey


Student Tablet Emergencies

Jeremy McDiffett


Desktop Computer Emergencies

Jeremy McDiffett


Server/Web/Network Emergencies

DeAnna Jacklovich or Eric Herrman



I don’t know who to call?

DeAnna Jacklovich or Eric Herrman



CVM Security

Type of Emergency



I am locked out of my office (with a reader)


Security Numbers

I am locked out of my office (with a key)

 Facilities Facilities Numbers

I hear an alarm


Security Numbers

I found a broken window

Campus PD


Critical Emergency Issues (Fire, assault, break in)

Campus PD: 911

CVM Main Non-Emergency Security issues:

  1. Ken Doerr: 785-410-4007
  2. Campus Police Department: 911

CVM East (Innovation Center) Non-Emergency Security issues:

  1. Ken Doerr: 785-410-4007
  2. Campus Police Department: 911

Renovation Issues

Kevin Minihan: 785-313-3412