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College of Veterinary Medicine

Degree Programs

DVM Degree Program

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program within the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University is a four-year program with three years of pre-clinical classroom instruction followed by one year of clinical training in the Veterinary Health Center. Students have many opportunities to develop their veterinary skills through mentorships, internships, and externships. Graduates of the DVM program are given the opportunity to demonstrate competency in knowledge, skills, values, aptitudes, and behaviors in the practice of medicine and surgery that can be applied to a board range of species in the context of ever-changing societal expectations and life-long learning. 

Additionally, the College of Veterinary Medicine offers concurrent DVM/PhD and DVM/Master’s programs, which provide opportunities for students to pursue several distinct career options in areas ranging from comparative medicine to infectious diseases. Students traditionally apply for these concurrent programs after accepting their offer of admission into the professional curriculum. 

The College of Veterinary Medicine also offers a Food Animal Veterinary Certificate (FAVC), which provides opportunities for currently enrolled Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students to receive additional credentialing upon graduation.