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BRITE Program
College of Veterinary Medicine
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Basic Research Immersion Training Experience (BRITE)

Basic Research Immersion Training Experience (BRITE)

An NIH T-32 Training Program for the Veterinary Students in Hypothesis-Based Biomedical Research

The BRITE Veterinary Student Program provides DVM students interested in research with a subsidized, in-depth mentored research experience. The opportunity can be used to gain research experience, to obtain an MS, or to jump-start a DVM/PhD program.


The BRITE veterinary student program is designed to expose DVM students to hypothesis-driven research activities, methodologies involved in design and execution of laboratory experiments and ethical issues pertinent to biomedical research, at a formative stage of their veterinary education.

BRITE veterinary students are given a unique opportunity to utilize the rigorous didactic basic science training obtained during the first two years of the professional curriculum in pursuit of a research problem relevant to human and animal health.