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Equine Performance Medicine

Dylan Lutter - Equine Performance Medicine

The Equine Performance Medicine Service treats horses with performance limiting injuries and physical therapy needs. Our goal is to provide gold standard care to your horse using cutting edge treatment options based on the most recent scientific evidence.

The Performance Medicine Service is designed to be flexible and responsive to our patients needs by offering all aspects of examination, diagnosis, and treatment under one roof in order to efficiently get them back on the road to performing at their best!

Our faculty specialize in lameness diagnosis, advanced imaging, physical therapy, and regenerative medicine.  Services range from treating simple conditions like hoof abscesses and sole bruises to evaluating complex or subtle lameness problems, with the ability to design a customized rehabilitation plan that meets the needs of each client and their horse.

Those cases requiring advanced imaging, diagnostic testing, or surgery have fast access to the specialty services and board-certified clinicians of the KSU VHC. Barn visits are available for certain instances.

To schedule an appointment with our service please call the large animal desk at 785-532-5700.


Exam & Diagnostics
  • Lameness localization
    • Lameness Locator 
  • Axial skeleton biomechanical evaluation
    • Spine and Pelvis
  • Dynamic functional evaluation
    • Performance assessment of the horse’s movement
Diagnostic Imaging
  • Digital Radiography 
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Nuclear Scintigraphy -VHC
  • Computed Tomography (CT) – VHC
  • High Field MRI – VHC
Treatment & Aftercare
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Medical Therapeutics
  • Individualized Rehabilitation Plans
    • Therapeutic exercise
    • Core strengthening
    • Balance and proprioception
    • Mobilization and stretching
  • Shockwave therapy

Support Services 

Patients seen by the Performance Medicine Service have access to the board-certified clinicians on the specialty services of the VHC for consultation and treatment.

Equine clinicians Dr. Warren Beard, Dr. Elizabeth Santschi and Dr. Dylan Lutter provide services in the Equine Performance Testing Center.  

Equine Performance Testing Center 

Equine Performance Testing Center

Our Equine Performance Testing Center features a climate-controlled treatment and farrier areas with in-house imaging and a consultation room that overlooks our fully enclosed performance evaluation area.

Performance Medicine Veterinarians 

 Dr. Dylan LutterDylan Lutter
Clinical Assistant Professor


House OfficersVeterinary Nurses
Caitlin MorenoCaitlin Moreno
 Ali BrunnerAlison Brunner
Veterinary Assistant
AvellarHaileigh Avellar
 Jami MaikeJami Maike
Veterinary Assistant
Pearce SloanPearce Sloan 
 Bryon NelsonBryon Nelson
Veterinary Nurse
   Ashley VanMeterAshley VanMeter
Veterinary Nursing Supervisor
Front Desk Staff
Barb SelfBarb Self
Client Services Assistant
Christian AndersonChristian Anderson
Client Services Assistant